Angelface Photography is moving to Florida (Personal post)

  It is that time of year again, summer of a transfer year. This transfer season we will be traveling once again across the country from Seattle, Washington to the ever so warm and sunny Jacksonville, Florida. This will be our fourth time traveling to opposite ends of the US and this time we are going to take a southern route to some fantastic destinations. On these trips we do our best to include fun sights that are memorable for the kiddos. However this trip is a little different as they are older, so we can do more adventurous types of excursions. Our first stop will be through Grants Pass, where will will spend a day on a jet boat tour through the Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue River.  On day three we will be making our way to San Francisco, I am super excited to see this beautiful city for the first time and have always wanted to visit ever since I was a little girl. The city will have us for 3 full days, whatever will we do? Plans are to hit all the favorite hot spots like China Town, Fishermans Wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge, and some of the infamous San Fransisco Parks. On day seven we will make our way towards Yosemite National Park with a quick stop in Mt. Hermon for some zip lining through some Redwoods (FUN). Once we reach the other side of Yosemite it is onward to SIN CITY. The kids are really looking forward to Las Vegas, as it is here that we will meet up with one of the best Auntie's and meet a cousin for the very first time. We have our Vegas itinerary jam packed with non stop 3 days of action. Once we are beat from all the walking and fun, we will head to Arizona for 5 days of relaxation, laundry, and fun in the sun. It is my hope to hit all of my photographer dreams hot spots like Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, and The Wave (doesn't sound like I'll be relaxing much). After our time in Arizona we will hit the road hard to Texas the Lone Star State, where we will spend another 5 days. I am very much looking forward to seeing my family, some of which I haven't seen in years. This is also where we part ways with Chris (my husband for those who don't know him) and he fly's to Maine to see a very good friend and take part in his retirement festivities.  Me, the kids, and my Mom will finish the rest of the trip into the Carolina's to get her home and to visit shortly with more family.  The chitlins and I are flying solo the rest of the way to our new HOME.  It will be a very long fun trip across the country, hopefully filled with love and really great memories. See you on the flip side!!!